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COLUMN #2: "The Bone Pile" 

K. Edwin is also a contributing columnist at Fiction Vortex with an Any-And-All-Things-Horror column, "The Bone Pile". The focus of TBP is to share & examine all forms of Horror content. Additional reviews of Cemetery Dance Magazine

occasionally appear there, but you can also expect to find reviews of Horror novels, Horror films, and plenty of introspective examinations of various monsters, concepts, & tropes within the genre.

K. Edwin Fritz

Author of Horror, Thrillers, Dark Fantasy, Science-Fiction, & Young Adult


K. Edwin is a contributing columnist at Cemetery Dance Online.​ 'Exhumed' posts on the 3rd or 4th Thursday each month and reviews 1x Old and 1x New short story published in the illustrious 28-year history of Cemetery Dance Magazine. Each post examines what makes each story so good (or bad), and often how it fits into the ongoing changes within the genre.   ​