appear there, but you can also expect to find reviews of Horror novels, Horror films, and plenty of introspective examinations of various monsters, concepts, & tropes within the genre. 


COLUMN #2: "The Bone Pile" 

K. Edwin was also a contributing columnist at Fiction Vortex with an Any-And-All-Things-Horror column, "The Bone Pile". Consider TBP to be the precursor to "Exhumed". It's focus was to share & examine all forms of Horror content. Additional reviews of Cemetery Dance Magazine

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K. Edwin is a contributing columnist at Cemetery Dance Online.​ 'Exhumed' posts appear whenever K. Edwin can find the time to write the darned things & reviews 1x Old and 1x New short story published in the illustrious 28-year history of Cemetery Dance Magazine. Each post examines what makes each story so good (or bad), and often how it fits into the ongoing changes within the genre.   ​

K. Edwin Fritz

Author of Horror, Thrillers, Dark Fantasy, Science-Fiction, & Young Adult