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K. Edwin Fritz

Author of Horror, Thrillers, Dark Fantasy, Science-Fiction, & Young Adult


        CREDENTIALS: In addition to being an author, I also hold a Master's Degree in Literature & have 17 years experience teaching Language Arts (English) in the public school setting. I have read/ graded roughly 50,000 essays & stories in my career. I offer two levels of reviewing/ editing. Both are at very competitive prices.

        My preference is fiction, specifically Horror, Fantasy, & Sci-Fi, however my vast experience with non-fiction works makes me suitable for editing in this field as well. 

        I prefer to edit online manuscripts. If you send me an email with the file attached, I can turn it into a google doc and easily make comments that way. 

        NOTE SURE? If you're considering hiring me for a long work (let's say... more than 10,000 words or so), I'd be happy to do a free sample edit (up to 1,000 words) before you commit. I'd be happy to do the sample edit via email. 


COST: $0.01 per word 

For just a penny per word, you'll receive a general critique of your work. My focus will be on the narrative structure, character development, pacing, & any specific genre or focusing question you may have. (ie: 'Is this too scary for Young Adult?' or 'Do my descriptions of the Fantasy creatures distract from the characters?'). 

I'll grade each of the above elements of your story and provide brief comments on your strengths and weaknesses. 


COST: $0.02 per word 

In addition to the SILVER PACKAGE above, you'll also get...

For two cents per word, your manuscript will receive a full copyedit for grammar, spelling, clarity, and continuity. My goal with this service is to polish your work to its fullest potential, making it ready for self-publication or to submit to agents/ publishers. Please send me the best version of your work, never a first draft. Only in this way can I make sure to catch all of your mistakes and put forth my best efforts towards the overall piece. 

You'll also receive a 1/2-hour pre-editing AND a 1-hour post-editing personal consultation either in person (if you can come to the central Jersey area) or over the phone. 


        CREDENTIALS: In addition to self-publishing several books in print, eBook, & audiobook mediums, I also maintain large Facebook & Twitter pages, I have experience & knowledge with what advertising platforms work & which don't, I built & maintain this website entirely by myself, and I've even published a handful of short works in the 'traditional' manner. What does all this mean? Namely that I've been around the publishing world & I've learned quite a few things. For a few of your dollars I can help you save dozens or even hundreds of hours of work & research... and money too. As with my editing services, I offer 2 levels of Business Coaching depending on your needs. 


COST: $50 
This package is for people who have confidence that they can learn a lot on their own, if only they had some general guidance to get them started. Either in person (preferred) or over the phone (I'm not driving 100 miles to meet you, and I doubt you'd want to either), I'll tell you the basic ins & outs of each of the following: Maintaining author pages on Facebook & Twitter/ Self-publishing through Createspace/ Getting listed & getting reviews on Amazon & Goodreads/ Converting your books to eBook or audio formats/ Constructing your own website/ How & when to begin advertising/ Where & how to submit your stories in hopes of getting traditionally published/ Pitfalls & goldmines when designing or purchasing front cover art.

If there is something specific you want help with, let me know ahead of time & I'll consider that too. 


COST: $200+
This package is for people who fear change, the internet, and computers in general or simply don't have the time to get a half-dozen publishing balls rolling all at once. In this instance, I will actually MAKE your Facebook & Twitter pages... I'll MAKE a basic website & show you how to add & modify it on your own... I'll format & submit your self-published novel for you... I'll help you find a narrator for your audiobook or an artist for your front covers... I'll... you get the idea.

Because there are a lot of choices here, prices can vary drastically. If you are interested in any portion of this package, please send me an email with your hopes/ desires & we'll work out the details before I get started. 

Final Note: I fully understand the financial constraints many of us have these days, especially those of us who are "starving artists". While I cannot compromise my rates, I can be flexible as needed concerning a payment schedule.